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Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
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Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor / BP Machine

In The Box: Arm BP Monitor + BP Cuff + 4 AAA Batteries +USB Cable + Product Manual

INTRODUCTION - It is a fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor / machine or sphygmomanometer designated for adults used at home. It enable very fast & reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic & blood pressure as well as pulse through the oscillometric method our product has no use of mercury & the stethoscope, so the monitor is safe and simple to use.

MEASURING PROCEDURE - Sit on a chair, have your back straight. Put your arm flat on the table with your palm up. See the picture below for a better understanding. Press the START/STOP button to start the measurement. The cuff starts to inflate automatically. The LCD display shows the increasing pressure level of the cuff. The monitor determines your ideal inflation level and stop inflation when it reach that level. It then start to detect your pulse.

Cuff start to deflate and the number of pressure decreases. When the measurement completes your blood pressure and pulse rate are displayed. Pressure START/ STOP button to turn the monitor off. It will turn of automatically after one minute. NOTE: Keep your body from making any movement until the whole measurement is complete.

REVIEW YOUR RESULT - Press MEM button your last measurement result displays on the screen. The first reading shown will be the average of your last 3 results. Press MEM button again the monitor display previous result from the recent to the older. 3. When measure more than 99 times the no. 99 reading will be deleted and the new reading will be stored.

IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT INDICATION - When the BP monitor detect irregular rhythms, the irregular Heartbeat Symbol will display on the lower left corner of the screen. An irregular heartbeat rhythm is a rhythm that varies by less than 25% from the average rhythm or 25% more than the average rhythm deleted while the monitor is measuring the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. If the irregular heartbeat symbol display, please consult your physician.


Warranty Period - 2 Year repair warranty (*TnC Apply)


1. Only a healthcare professional is qualified to interpret blood pressure measurements correctly.

2. This device is NOT intended to replace regular medical checkups.

3. It is recommended that your physician reviews your procedure for using this device.

4. Blood pressure readings obtained by this device should be verified before prescribing or making adjustments to any medication used to control hypertension. Under no circumstances should you alter the dosages of any drugs prescribed by your doctor.

5. This monitor is intended for use by adults only. Consult with your physician before using this instrument on a child.

6. In the case of irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia), measurements taken with this instrument should only be evaluated after consultation with your doctor.

7. Familiarise yourself with the section titled “Important Information on Blood Pressure and its Measurement” It contains important information on the dynamics of blood pressure readings and will help you understand blood pressure.

NOTE - Do not attempt to repair this device yourself. When a malfunction occurs, Please refer to local distributor or the manufacturer for help.


1. Remove the battery cover by pushing it in the direction shown on the cover.

2. Install 4 “AAA” batteries so the + (positive) and – (negative) polarities match the polarities of the battery compartment. (Long-life alkaline batteries are recommended).

CARE & MAINTENANCE - Wash hands after each time measurement. If one device is used by different patients, wash hands before and after each use.

a. Do not expose the device to either extreme temperature humidity dust or direct sunlight.

b. The cuff contains a sensitive air – tight bubble. Handle this cuff carefully and avoid all types of stress through twisting or bucking.

c. Clean the device with a soft dry cloth. Do not use gas thinner or similar solvents spots on the cuff can be remove carefully with a damp cloth and soapsuds.

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Sahyog Wellness Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Good Product.

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Bp monitar

I need Bp monitar

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It is working well

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Excellent product

Costwise and usewise excellent product