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Fever in Children


Body temperature of 100° F or more is called fever. It is measured from the oral cavity with the help of normal thermometer or infrared thermometer.

When a child comes with fever we have to take a detailed history and examine the baby in detail -

  1. If there is history of sore throat, cough, difficulty in breathing, ear discharge it indicates are respiratory tract infection.
  2. If there is a history of pain abdomen, vomiting, diarrhoea think of Gastro intestinal causes.
  3. History of headache, convulsions or if child is unable to make eye contact, then there could be involvement of the central nervous system. Conclusions can also be because of the fever itself without the environment of The Nervous system.
  1. Environmental - Children are most sensitive to the changes in environmental temperature especially premature babies and low birth weight babies. If the temperature outside is too hot or if the baby is wearing too many clothes, there could be rise in body temperature causing of false alarm.
  2. Other rare causes of fever –
  • Auto immune disorders
  • Children in immunosuppressive therapy
  • Tuberculosis
  • Malignancies
  • Drug induced etc

Young children are more prone to infections. If the fever is high on the first day along with sore throat, bodyaches, nausea it is more likely to be a viral origin.

So fever should not be taken lightly. Lower the body temperature by taking paracetamol and by cold sponging and seek medical advise as soon as possible


- By Dr Harish Khurana
Sahyog Clinic, MBBS, DCH& MD


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